The World Beyond Your Head – How to flourish in the age of distraction by Matthew Crawford

Crawford refutes the idea that we understand the world by concepts, but rather that we do it through tools. He says that the digital tools we're now creating fail to work in the way we're accustomed.

Interesting thought. Since humans began, human culture has evolved alongside the complexity of technology we have created so I'd go one further and propose that the digital tools we're currently creating fail to make us work in the way we've evolved to do.  

Crawford asks us to consider the complexity of body-to-brain feedback it takes in learning to use a white cane as a visually impaired person. He says that the cane becomes an extension of your body, you feel the 3-D world around you through the cane, not through your hand. He says this cognitive feedback is an important part of how we experience the world but that with a digital tool there is no direct physical/cognitive feedback. Crawford proposes that real world tools encourage a kind of mastery that digital tools cannot because with digital tools you’ve got a limited range of options, which is very different to becoming adept with a physical tool.

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