“jump the fence approach each new research project with a determination to uncover fresh ground for brands. They extract maximum value from respondents by treating them as both intelligent and creative individuals. They’re a really valued research partner because they help us get way beyond what people say, to uncover what they really mean.”
— Wayde Bull: Principals, The Change Agency
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Qualitative face-to-face research

focus groups, one-on-ones, friendship groups

brand positioning

communications development

Package and product testing


Ethnographic research

in-context interviews

behavioural observations

user generated visual ethnography

customer journey mapS

alignment mapping

customer persona

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Online/mobile forums and immersion panels.

mobile phone and online diaries

group interaction online Forums

interactive immersion panels

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Path-to-purchase and shopper research

Accompanied shoppING

accompanied online behaviour

in-store intercepts

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Video ethnography

brand-role and brand-meaning films

customer persona films

short films to evidence findings

behaviour observation videos

participant auto-ethnography