Developing a new and robust brand positioning for Peter Lehmann Wines


multi method approach to understanding target


Peter Lehmann is an iconic name in the history of the Barossa and Australian wine. When Casella Family Brands acquired Peter Lehmann Wines they wanted to leverage Peter Lehmann’s provenance as a Barossa legend and develop a more premium positioning for the brand.

We developed a combination of focus groups, an online forum and accompanied shopping to gain a deep and broad understanding of our ‘Adventurous Connoisseur’ target consumer.

The online forum enabled insight into our participants' life and social context. Engaging participants in the online diary provided a log of their wine consumption and consumption needs. Accompanied shopping trips allowed us to understand purchasing behaviour and drivers to purchase. Then we used focus groups to explore potential positioning spaces with consumers in order to get a sense of resonance with consumer drivers and fit with perceptions of the Peter Lehmann Wines brand.

We developed a deep understanding of the target consumer, and explored new packaging options. The new designs were assessed against the desired brand positioning and their ability to add premium cues for the brand.

This complimentary set of methods allowed us to tune development of a new and robust brand positioning for Peter Lehmann Wines.