Online diaries, forums and immersion panels.

The online forum is a window into people's lives as they post their own photos and videos, documenting their involvement with product, brand or service.

Online interaction with consumers allows us to respond with participants on multiple occasions over time. We practice intensive one-on-one engagement with every post each participant makes. This development of the relationship with our research participants enhances trust and disclosure.

We interact with participants as they document and post videos of their behaviours and reflect on their actions. This reflexive approach creates a collaborative environment with participants which in turn means we can explore an evolving research question.

Clients are able to access online forums as they happen, enhancing stakeholder engagement and promoting understanding of consumer needs across the whole team within the organisation.

On completion, the forum content represents a research artefact with lasting relevance as a photo and video library documenting customers' experience.

Your business problems answered with ONLINE FORUMs

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online diaries

Can we gather real time and in-situ insights of our customers' behaviour and engagement with our service or product?

Can we track the stages and processes involved as my customers use my service or brand?

reflexive methods 

Can we get users to unpack their subconscious behaviours and complex processes?

Can we partner with our customers and use their input to develop relevant approaches, products and services? 

Customer personas

What are the qualities and behaviours that characterise my customers and reflect their attitudes and lifestyles?

How can I make my segments represent real people that we can recognise and identify with? 

sneak peak of our online diary and reflexive methods