Video ethnography

Ethnographic films paint pictures that reflect people's complexity and tell stories that everyone can relate to. They enable empathetic understanding that data alone cannot. This way, stakeholders from different departments are able to share a common yet profound understanding of their consumers.

Our films evidencing brand-meaning, customer-personas, findings-evidence, behaviour-observation and participant auto-ethnography provide deep and understandable support to our project analysis and findings. They can become stand-alone research artefacts that provide a valuable and lasting resource across many projects. 

Your ethnographic approach helped the Roads and Traffic Authority to truly understand not only what young drivers thought about their cars and the road, but also how they lived their lives, how they related to their friends, the language they used and much more.
— Theresa Fairman - RTA

Your business problems answered by Video ETHNOGRAPHY

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brand positioning

Can we express our brand positioning in ways that are authentic to consumer culture?

Is my brand positioning aligned with customer needs?

Can I gain an in-depth understanding of my product's role for customers?

discovery research

How do my customers interact with my product in their day-to-day lives?

Are there hidden ways consumers use my product that I can leverage?

What are the mental models and task-based procedures users adopt?

What are user's needs and pain points?

consumer culture

What are the common needs and customs around the way consumers use and relate to my product?

Uncover relevant real life moments from the fabric of every-day life.  

What are the behavioural and social norms that we need to be aware of?

Look back at our first 10 years of video ethnography 2002 -2012