Charlie Cochrane - Researcher & Strategist

Way back at uni studying a Law degree at Cambridge I chose anthropology as a fun second degree not knowing I was sowing the seeds of a passion that’s still with me years later.

After 25 years experience in research, marketing and advertising in the UK and Australia, I recognise that I use two lenses to view the world and that using both is what makes me different. Up close, I’m fascinated by people and the granular details of their lives. I studied psychology and psychotherapy at Spectrum in London to work out what makes people tick. Out wide, I’m interested in what it all means. In our world of increasingly rapid change, what motivates me is recognising how culture is evolving and the emerging opportunities this presents. 

I’m passionate about sharing this perspective so teach an ethnography unit to Masters students at UNSW's School of Business and at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.