Ethnographic research

Ethnography reveals habits, behaviour patterns and shared cultural meanings that are easily overlooked because we are so close to them. We use in-context interviews and immersions, behavioural observations, photography, narratives and visually rich video profiles to showcase real-world context and user experiences and can lead to breakthrough understanding for brand, product and service design. 

Their research tools brought real colour and nuance to our consumer segmentation. We now have a common language and real-life cultural references to invoke when we describe our consumers to our strategic partners.
— James Sykes - Strategy Director, Beam Suntory

Your business problems answered with ETHNOGRAPHY

customer journey maps

How do our different customers interact with our service over time?

What are the touch-points, pain-points and opportunities that my customers experience as they interact with my service or brand?  

Alignment mapping

Are our service design features aligned with real-life customer behaviour and needs?

Can we understand our service better by using customer tasks as a start point to develop relevant service features?

Customer Personas

What are the qualities and behaviours that characterise my customers and reflect their attitudes and lifestyles?

How can I make my segments represent real people that we can recognise and identify with?