Qualitative face-to-face research

We take a humanistic approach to our qual research whether it's focus groups, one-on-ones, pairs or friendship groups. This approach emphasises empathy and takes into consideration the whole person. We treat respondents as people not just as consumers, in this way research participants invariably are more engaged and contribute more.

Charlie’s strength as a researcher lies in his ability to model consumer insights into clear brand communication and positioning issues. Charlie’s work has directly improved the positioning and advertising development on brands such as Sunkist, Solo and Cottee’s.
— Michael Magee, Schweppes

Your business problems answered with face-to-face Qual

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What is my brand's competitive advantage?

How to develop my brand strategy?

What are the market dynamics? 

How to accelerate category or brand penetration?

We need to understand brand stretch.

How can our global positioning work in Australia?

Communications DEVELOPMENT

What is the most motivating message my brand can communicate?

How to assess alternative creative territories? 

How to optimise my communication ideas and executions?

Can we develop a new communications platform from ideas truly relevant to my customers?

Can I workshop possible creative routes with my customers?


How to develop or refine my product?

How to identify winning concepts and pack designs?

Does our global product imagery and packaging suit and Australian consumer?

How to optimise my touch-points strategy along the path to purchase?