Companies risk stagnation unless they disrupt, innovate and evolve 

Innovation is truly the lifeblood of businesses. But truly innovative ideas are hard to find and implement. The scattershot brainstorming techniques that most companies rely on, typically produce ideas that are divorced from consumer needs and emerging trends. Our NPD innovation programs use focused, human-centred approaches and semiotic tools to uncover cultural shifts that open up opportunities. We then work to nurture and shape ideas within your organisation.

  • End-to-end innovation processes
  • Identification of evolving consumer needs, pain-points and opportunities
  • Ideation workshops with powerful tools to stretch thinking and generate relevant opportunities
  • User-centric research to evolve and refine ideas
  • Involving designers, engineers and marketers in the research discovery process


Charlie Cochrane has proved time and again to be of enormous value as a strategy and direction pointer. His core strength is an understanding of ideas, this is unique in his world.

Russel Howcroft